Malta Sport Scholarship Scheme 2020

This scheme is targeted to those who want to apply for a training programme or a relevant qualification directed to sport.

The promulgation of sport at a professional level will promote the development of high performance athletes who will eventually represent Malta in international competitions. The elevation of the status of sport in Malta will not only bring about a wider international recognition with positive economic benefits for the tourism industry but will also encourage the uptake of sport and physical activity across the country resulting in overall improvements in health and well-being of the population as a whole.

Applications Open Between 27/07/2020 - 17/08/2020

To proceed with your application kindly confirm (by ticking the boxes below) that you have scanned copies of the required documents to upload and agree with the terms.

  • Required
     I have read and agreed to the Sports Scholarships Regulations
  •  If applying on behalf of minor under the age of 18: Signed declaration by the legal custodian if applicant will be required and that will also confirm that applicant will remain in compulsory education

Note File Types Accepted : .pdf,.jpg,.png,.gif,.bmp,.tiff

The Collective Maximum File Size must be less than: 10 MB.