ENDEAVOUR Scholarships Scheme 5th Call

ENDEAVOUR Scholarship Scheme offers scholarships at postgraduate level at MQF Level 7

ENDEAVOUR Scholarships Scheme is to support good quality tertiary education and to ensure that the Maltese labour market is supplied with the right individuals and to guarantee that it is in a better position to compete at an international level. The scheme is aimed to support those pursuing this path to succeed both at the level of education attainment as well as contributing effectively towards the economy.

Applications Open Between 17/07/2019 - 09/08/2019

To proceed with your application kindly confirm (by ticking the boxes below) that you have scanned copies of the required documents to upload and agree with the terms.

  • Required
     I have read and agreed to the ENDEAVOUR Scholarships Regulations.
  •  Applicant’s University /College Transcripts/Academic Records (if available).
  •  Unconditional Letter of Acceptance from the Recognised Institution applied for (if available).
  •  MQRIC evaluation reports / Receipts (if available).
  •  Any other document which may assist the ENDEAVOUR Scholarships Scheme Board to assess better the applicant’s merit (if available).
  • Required
     All information given is true and correct.
  • Required
     Curriculum Vitae.
  • Required
     Appendix I : The relevance of Study / Research to the identified Priority Area (selected from Schedule 1).
  • Required
     Appendix II: The relevance of Study / Research to Malta’s Strategic Priorities and the EU2020 Strategies.
  • Required
     Appendix III: The Impact of Study /Research on the development of Malta.
  •  Applicant’s Disability identity card issued by the Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability (CRPD) (where applicable).
  •  Permanent Residence permit (where applicable).
  • Required
     Statement that s/he intends completing the course in time (upload signed declaration: Schedule III of the Regulations)
  • Required
     I give my consent to the Students' Maintenance Grants' Board and Scholarships' Unit to process and share with other Government entities my personal information in this Application Form for accountability and verification purposes.

Note File Types Accepted : .pdf,.jpg,.png,.gif,.bmp,.tiff

The Collective Maximum File Size must be less than: 10 MB.